A Club for a Bigger Cause

This year, Cancer Awareness hopes to bring attention to a debilitating disease.

This year, Cancer Awareness hopes to bring attention to a debilitating disease.

Andrew Porterfield and Carson Wood

As the 2018-2019 school year gets into full swing, many clubs are beginning their year as well. One of those clubs, Cancer Awareness Club is devoted to a noble cause.

Most members of Cancer Awareness Club have a connection to someone with the disease, which propels them into wanting to fund-raise and attend club meetings.

“My sister was in the club when she was a junior, my third grade teacher died to cancer, and my dad’s cousin had cancer,” said Caroline Smith (12), the president of Cancer Awareness.

Walk for a Wish is an annual event at Hidden Valley that brings to attention not just cancer, but other life threatening diseases as well.

“In the spring, we have a field day type of event for students and citizens of all ages to participate in with lots of activities such as the dunk tank and balloon darts,” said Ms. Terri Preston, primary sponsor of Cancer Awareness.

Homecoming week is coming up fast, and with that comes the annual homecoming parade. Cancer Awareness has a float almost every year and this year will be no different.

“We are going to have a float. The float is going to most likely be a pickup truck with a balloon ribbon ­­and signs. Everyone on the float will wear pink and throw out candy to bystanders,” said Smith (12).

One of the most popular events that Cancer Awareness puts on every year is Pink Week. This allows for students to get involved and learn more about the disease and the club.

“The themes for pink week this year are ‘Throwback Day- Dress from your favorite decade to put cancer in the past,’ ‘Wacky Sock Day- Sock it to cancer,’ ‘Hero Day- Dress up as your favorite superhero to fight against cancer,’ and ‘Pink Out Day,’” said Ms. Preston.

This year, Cancer Awareness will allow a multitude of students to get involved with a cause bigger than themselves while still having fun with the events that the club has spent time planning.