Drama Club

Here are your masks, Jerry.

Here are your masks, Jerry.

Natalie Sowers and Sophie DiFrancesco

This year at Hidden Valley High School, the Drama Club is up and running again. This year’s president, Sophie DiFrancesco, is excited to take the club in a new direction. Drama club includes planning out the play, meetings, hard work, and the power of your imagination.

“This year I plan to hold more meetings and to really prepare the drama club members for the school musical,” said Sophie DiFrancesco Drama Club President (12).

In drama club, be ready to discuss the musical and how it would play out and also be prepared to become a better performer and more social.

“I would describe Drama club is a very collaborative environment and helps create new connections between different people,” said Sophie DiFrancesco (12).

Mrs. Ebel is the drama club sponsor and she brings a new fun, collaborative environment to each meeting.

“She is incredibly nice and deserves all the respect that she gets,” said Sophie DiFrancesco (12).

Drama club is an incredibly social and cooperative program, meeting new people will become easy and fun for those who choose to join. You can make friends, have laughs, and just have a blast all in one huge container.

“The drama club provides an outlet for students who already are interested or active in the preforming arts, and helps reinforce the importance of the performing arts within the school and community,” said Mrs. Ebel, Sponsor.

For those who are absolutely serious about Drama Club, and want to put in the hard work, there is most certainly another step that they can take. The International Thespian Society (ITS), provides many benefits for those who’ve put in the work such as; recognition for colleges, awards, scholarships, and so much more.

“There is an international Thespian honor society that students who’ve racked up enough hours can pledge to and be part of for the rest of their lives,” stated Mrs. Ebel.

If you are looking to join drama club then they have meetings on the first Tuesday of every month. Mrs. Ebel’s room is 205, they eagerly await you in drama club.