Debate Club

Debate club meets on Monday's after school in Ms. Ebel's room.

Debate club meets on Monday's after school in Ms. Ebel's room.

Sophie DiFrancesco, Staff Reporter

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This year at Hidden Valley High School, the Debate Club returns once again. The Debate Club is a competitive club where school teams have an opportunity to compete in local, regional, and national tournaments.  In addition to participating in competitions, the Debate Club helps build research, public speaking, and academic skills.

Ms. Amy Ebel, Hidden Valley English teacher and the debate clubs sponsor, said “Anyone can join the Debate Club, but students have to be comfortable doing research and be interested in current events.”

In Debate, students practice researching and arguing a resolution or topic that they are assigned. Students research and familiarize themselves with current event and controversial issues to prepare themselves for debates.

“The Debate Club allows so many students to have strong reasonable discussions which are passionate but not out of control,” said Ms. Ebel.

When preparing for debates, students are required to research both sides of the topic. This helps students have strong arguments in debates and prepare for counter arguments from the other team. The preparation also reinforces necessary research skills which are required in college and in life.

Ms. Ebel said, “To be a good arguer you have to be able to see both sides. You don’t have to agree with the other side but you at least need to know what the other side is.” She also believes that this is a key skill in all debates.

Even if one is not comfortable public speaking at first, the skill will develop. Students can sit in on Debate meetings and observe the competitions to prepare for future competitions. The skills built from Debate Club show throughout academic careers. The gain of skills in public speaking, research, and academics are necessary for all aspects of life and the Debate Club helps significantly with those skills.

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