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Andrew Porterfield, Reporter

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As a new school year has begun, the Forensics Team is facing the challenge of having a new sponsor. They will face inevitable hardships but a successful year is achievable for this dominant team.

The Forensics Team has a different makeup from the team that won states for the first time in their brief history last year. “With our new coach, we know that we have an opportunity to start fresh and try new things based on what we learned from years in the past,” said Brian Bera (12).

In recent years, forensics has been increasingly ascendant in state competition, but last year was the year they finally got over the hump. With this milestone, the team is now gifted with the experience of postseason success.

Momentum can be hard to keep up for a championship team, but Bera (12) believes that the team can repeat as state champions. “The captains are working and planning really hard to make this a smooth transition between coaches as well as another great year in general, so we’re definitely optimistic.”

The biggest difference is probably the change in sponsors from last year to this year. Mrs. Hughes-Coffey was the sponsor for a handful of years, but has since moved on, leaving Mrs. Woods as the sponsor for the 2017 season. “Mrs. Woods is the coach, but we’re also seeing if we can get Mrs. Hughes-Coffey to come back and help, at least before big competitions,” said Bera (12).

Forensics is a very different team from last year, but change doesn’t necessarily mean failure. The team is certainly feeling the pressure, but is still optimistic they could be triumphant in the state competition this year.

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