Environmental Club

Recycling Bin

Recycling Bin

Journee Trotter, Reporter

Despite obviously being about the environment, Environmental Club has many different purposes. One of those purposes is to be a place for people who care about the environment. The club focuses on everything from school issues, to outside projects and just having fun outdoors.

The club does a multitude of projects, including recycling at our school and planting trees to make the Earth a better place. They also strive to make an impact on not only the community, but even here at Hidden Valley High School.

“If you have an idea come to me and we will do it,” Ms. Woods, sponsor of the club, said.

If the Environmental Club sounds enticing, the club is still looking for new members. All are encouraged to join the club, and try something new! The club is looking to meet every other Tuesday, after school, in room 105, Ms. Woods’ room.

Ms. Woods started the club three years ago and has helped it progress it into a recycling program in the school.

“I started Environmental Club, in order to promote recycling within the school,” Woods said.

Since then, the club has grown into even more than when it first started. If you’re looking to join, remember to bring your $5 and talk to Ms. Woods.