Cancer Awareness Club

The Cancer Awareness team puts signs up for their club around the school.

The Cancer Awareness team puts signs up for their club around the school.

Ava Wagner, Reporter

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“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

The Hidden Valley High School Cancer Awareness Club focuses on these unknown battles.

The Cancer Awareness Club wants to have activities to raise money to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation. In order to continue to be successful the club needs more members.

Club President Meredith Smith (12) said, “Anyone can become a part of our club, and the more people that join, the better our club gets.”

Last year the club held Walk for a Wish, which raised enough money to reach their goals for funds. This year they want to set higher goals for fundraising and plan events that everyone will attend.

“The one thing that we really wish we had was more support from the student body; like having everyone come out and support our events,” said Smith (12).

One event that the school participated in last year was Pink Week. This took place in the month of October to spread awareness for Breast Cancer. This year the club is changing their plans for Pink Week and making it into a month-long activity.

“Throughout October, we want to make every Wednesday some kind of focus towards Pink Month and really have fun with it,” said Smith (12).

Although the club likes to focus on fundraising, they also hope to make students at Hidden Valley more knowledgeable about cancer.

“We aim towards the student body as a whole becoming more aware of this disease,” Smith (12) said.

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