Archery Club


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Steven Shin, Reporter

Everyone loves to see sharpshooting legends like Robin Hood and Katniss Everdeen on the big screen. In the Archery Club, that fantasy can become – sort of – reality.

Meeting every Sunday from 2 to 4 PM in the Auxiliary Gym, the team hones their skills with a bow and arrow to compete and make it all the way to national and world competitions. Every practice is spent building the accuracy and reliability that is necessary for placing high in competitions.

No previous experience is necessary, as new people will be able to learn all the methods and rules before they begin practicing.

“Once they get the rules down, we’re going to have some fun shoots where we’re going to shoot balloons, Styrofoam boards, or stuffed animals. Fun things like that,” said Ashley Vaughan (12), co-captain for the Archery Club.

While practices have already begun, the club is still looking for new members to join their team. Everyone is welcome to join, and all that has to be done to become a member is to show up with $35 to pay the fee. With three qualified coaches, each person is able to get quality individual coaching.

Take up the bow and arrow with the Archery Club every Sunday and learn this new (or old, perhaps) skill!

“If you ever get called in for the Hunger Games, at least you’ll know how to shoot,” Vaughan (12) said.