The DECA club flag.

Journee Trotter and Alexys Hairston

Thinking about joining a club at Hidden Valley High School? Want to be part of an interactive and challenging environment, but it still be fun? Think about joining DECA.

DECA doesn’t just give students a learning experience, but it also allows them to have a good time through innovative projects that gives them chances to show their creative and social side. This gives students a chance to step out of their comfort zone and try something they’re not used to doing.

“I don’t believe there’s a better class or club for them to be in for future endeavors, than a marketing class and being in DECA,” said Mr. Nathan Hunt, Co-Sponsor.

DECA offers students an opportunity to not just learn about marketing and business, but also allows them to take what they’ve learned in class and use it within the business community.

“I think students definitely benefit from being in DECA. You get extra professional development points, and you get more people skills and you learn how not to be scared in front of people while talking,” said Amanda Thomas, (12).

This club is said to be a place to make friends and experience different kinds of personalities.

“It’s really cool because it’s kind of like a family, and everyone who does DECA loves each other. We all get to help each other out and spend a lot of time together,” said Elizabeth Kemp, (12).

DECA is an innovative club that is open to everyone and anyone who wants to join. DECA teaches students ways to communicate thoroughly, while also giving students experience of what the business world is like.