Wallows EP Review


Song from the EP

Farah Iqbal, Reporter

The band Wallows is a Los Angeles based alternative rock band featuring three members, the lead singer Dylan Minnette, who also starred in the hit show 13 Reasons Why; rhythm guitarist and backup singer Braeden Lemasters; and Cole Preston on drums.

I first discovered the band on Spotify. I was looking through my recommended music and a song came up. Then I became obsessed with their music, aesthetic, and everything about the band.

The band first met and formed in a children’s musical program. Ever since then they’ve been singing and performing together. Their first single was released in September 2017, called “Pleaser.” Then they followed up with singles like “Sun Tan”, “Uncomfortable”, and “Pulling Leaves off Trees.” They just released an EP called Spring a few days back.

I loved this album because it was different from music coming out these days. The band has a really unique image, and I think it could really change this generation’s music taste into something more alternative.

One of the more popular songs on the album is called “Pictures of Girls,” the song’s meaning is basically this guy can’t forget a certain girl and pictures of girls are not enough for him, he needs to see her in person, using lyrics like “I’m hanging onto something real,” and “Cause pictures of girl are not for me.”

I really loved the whole idea of this EP, the band’s music is really genuine and different and I give it a 10/10.