U2 Album Review


Photo of the band performing.

Farah Iqbal, Reporter

U2, a popular Irish rock band, has been making successful music since 1976, satisfying the old and new generation of fans with hit songs.

The band first came together when they were all teenagers in school, they signed with Island records and their band “U2,” had formed. The band members include Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr.  Since then they have released several albums such as, Boy, The Unforgettable Fire, Pop, Songs of Innocence, and many more.

“I grew up with their music, and my parents used to listen to them,” said Maddie Miller (10).

The band had come out with the album Songs of Innocence which was followed by, and an inspiration for, the album, Songs of Experience. That just came out on December 1, and the first single released for it was “You’re The Best Thing About Me.”

“Their songs are very encouraging and motivational,” said Miller (10), when asked what caught her eye about the album.

The single off the album “You’re The Best Thing About Me,” is about different experiences Bono has had, like the lyrics “You’re The Best Thing that ever happened a Boy,” makes a reference to their past album, and is talking about Bono becoming a man.

“Get Out Of Your Own Way, Little Things That, and Ordinary Love,” are Miller’s (10) favorite songs on the album.

My personal favorite songs on the album is “Lights of Home,” using the lyrics “Shouldn’t be here cause I should be dead, I can see the lights in front of me” is talking about Bono’s life and how he is still alive and well, unlike his past family members. This song is really catchy and good to listen to anytime, while doing homework or just whenever I’m in the mood for U2.

I give this album an 7/10, it was good, but I prefer their past albums, but definitely still portrayed U2 and their style.