Billie Eilish: Don’t Smile At Me album Review


The "dont smile at me" album cover.

Farah Iqbal, Reporter

Billie Eilish, 15, is a successful American female singer/songwriter. She is currently Apple’s “Artist to Watch.”

Raised in Los Angeles, California, Eilish starting singing when she was just eight. She was homeschooled and in a children’s choir. She has a mother, father, and a brother Finneas O’Connell, who is also a singer. Billie writes her music with him. They realest a song on SoundCloud in 2016 called “Ocean Eyes” that made the name Billie Eilish known and drove her to start a music career.

“She’s a role model because she expresses herself through music, and she is very inspirational to me because of the lyrics in her music,” said Sophia Clemmer (10).

After her success with “Ocean Eyes,” she later released a singles like “Bored”, which featured in the Netflix original show 13 Reasons Why, and “Bellyache” leading up to her album Don’t Smile at Me, which came out on in August of this year.

“The album cover was very aesthetic and pretty, and it was unique and different from everyone else’s music, not everyone expresses their feelings through their lyrics like she did,” said Clemmer (10).

Starting off with a big hit from the album “Watch,” this song captures the hate someone she has for an ex-lover who made her fall in love and then broke her heart. Eilish uses lyrics like, “I’ll sit and watch your car burn with the fire that you started in me,” and “your lies will never keep I think you need to blow them out,” to compare the love and hate she had for him and to make him pay for it.

“’Ocean Eyes’ is definitely my favorite because it’s the first [song] I heard,” said Clemmer (10).

A personal favorite of mine from the album is definitely “Hostage.” Slow songs by Eilish are the best because her voice has a soothing tone to it. It’s one of the songs that is highly underrated on the album especially because it’s the last on the track, and it wasn’t a hyped single. The song is about a boy that she is so in love with and she wants no one to have him but her. Using lyrics like “I wanna be alone, alone with you does that make sense?” and “let me crawl inside your veins I’ll build a wall, give you a ball and chain,” to express that we wants him and only him.

Overall I give this album a 10/10, It was definitely one that I will never get tired of and always listen to during whatever mood I’m feeling.