That 90’s Show

That 90s show

That 90s show

Gracey Haas, Reporter

That 90s show is a new show available for viewing on Netflix. It is primarily based on its prequel that was released in the late 90’s. That 90s show follows the children of some of the former characters. Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti are visiting their childhood homes in Point Place, Wisconsin with their daughter Leia. Red and Kitty Forman are thrilled to see their grandchild and show her Point Places’ many perks. Leia falls in love with the place and kind of develops a crush on Jay (Kelso and Jackie’s kid).  

She decides she wants to stay, which her parents are hesitant at first since she is only 15. Her grandparents are exhilarated to have her stay. Eventually, her parents surrender and let her stay. 

Leia’s new life isn’t all it is cracked up to be. She deals with love, heartache, etc. She realizes being a teenagers comes with its trial and error. There are good things and bad things. With the help of her friends, and neighbors, she starts to fall for Point Place. She makes friends with some of the neighborhood kids and starts to fall into some of her parents habits.  

This show is very wholesome and includes a lot of the old cast members that made the original show worthy of watching. It is very welcoming and just an easy show to follow. With the original actors and actresses, it brings back many memories on how great the original show was and why it was continued.