little girls point of view

Rita Faltas, staff reporter

This movie takes place in Palestine following a 14-year-old girl who has dreams of expanding her knowledge. Farha, the main character and the daughter of the mayor, lives in a small village in the Palestine territories. The movie starts with Farha sitting on a swing reading a book while other girls her age played around before their religious lessons. She has memorized all the verses of the Qur’an that would be taught during her lessons. During that time, they didn’t have a girls’ school in her village, there was only a boys’ school. Girls during that time were to be married by the time they’re of age, often to their cousins. Girls were to be sheltered by a man to give them a good life and a future in exchange for giving them children. Farha had none of that in mind. All she wanted was to go to the city, where they had a school for girls and cars. She lived her dreams through her best friend’s experience, Farida. Farida lives in the city and goes to a city school but always envies Farha for the simple life at the village. Farida would visit Farha often and gossip. Farha’s dream came true the day her dad signed her permission slip to go to a city school. The plan was for her to live with Farida and go to the city school. That all came tumbling down when her village was attacked. Her dad locked her in a pantry as the catastrophe consumed her home. As the movie goes on, we see the war through her eyes.