Choose or Die Movie Review


Asa Butterfield, Kayla’s friend in Choose or Die.

Jihyun Lee, Reporter

Choose or Die is a British horror movie that didn’t garner much attention prior to its release date on Netflix. While it did become first in movies on the streaming platform, the film didn’t meet my expectations.

Kayla (Angela Griffin), a college student in need of money, finds a 1980s video game with her friend Isaac (Asa Butterfield) that has a cash prize for the winner. With her mom in mourning over the recent loss of her son and drugs consuming her, Kayla could use some extra money to help her family out of their financial situation. She turns the game on at 2:00 am for fun, but now is forced to play at the same time every day. As the game melds with reality, Kayla plays levels that each require her to make life threatening decisions for others and herself with simple yes or no questions. Through this process, the game deems the player “worthy” by making it to the next level.

While the concept is well thought out and creative, I think it was poorly executed. There were some parts of the movie that seemed clever, but the film had a lot of unreached potential that was not brought out due to the movie’s writing. With a better script, the film could have been much stronger. I also think that the actors chosen were greatly matched with their on screen characters and were not done justice with the script they were given.

Choose or Die was a good idea for a horror film, but the movie was slightly disappointing to watch. With both the good and bad points added up, I give the film 3 out of 5 shields.