Top 5 Halloween Movies



Gracey Haas, Reporter

There are many Halloween favorites. Halloween is a family favorite holiday. Movies are essential to every holiday and there are many movies to choose from.

One of the top 5 Halloween Movies is Hocus Pocus. The movie is rated PG. It was released on July 16th, 1993. It was directed by Kenny Ortega. The movie takes place in Salem, Massachusetts. The movie starts off with a little background information on The Sanderson sisters and how everything happened. The sisters are raised from their graves by Max, who doesn’t believe in the curse of the Sanderson sisters. The sisters go around town trying find Max, Dani, and Allison. It seems like the sisters are supposed to resemble an animal (ex.- Winnifred is a mouse, Mary is a dog, and Sarah is a cat). The sister’s main objective is to become youthful again no matter the cost. The sisters use their powers to lure children into their home to use a potion on them that will help them achieve beauty. The only problem is that the movie is a little older, so the graphics are so so.  “I would recommend this movie because it is a really good Halloween movie that is fun and entertaining without being super scary.” (Kaitlyn Balci, 10th grader)

Another top 5 Halloween Movie is Halloweentown. The movie came out on Oct. 17, 1998 and was directed Duwayne Dunham. The movie starts with Marnie and her family. They get an unexpected visit from their grandma, who can only visit them on Halloween. The grandma goes there to convince the mom to let her train Marnie into becoming a witch. Marnie overhears them arguing and decides to take matters into her own hands. Marnie sneaks out of the house and follows her grandma. Marnie is chased by Dylan, who doesn’t really believe in magic, and they sneak onto the bus. The bus takes them to Halloweentown, and they realize that their little sister Sophie has followed them. They end up at the grandmother’s house and realize that Halloweentown is in danger. Then, their mother shows up and tries to take them home. The movie gets to its climax when the grandmother is lured into the movie theater and is followed by her family. The grandma and mother are then frozen, and it is up to the kids to defeat Kalabar, the main antagonist. This has always been my favorite Halloween movie; it is wholesome and allows kids who watch it to be imaginative.

The Addams Family is another Halloween classic. The Addams Family is an odd bunch and are labeled as “freaks” by the neighborhood. The Addams Family came out on November 22, 1991 and was directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. The movie takes place at the Addams Family Mansion. The whole family is raised to believe being normal is overrated. The movie is about how Fester (a long-lost brother) comes back to the mansion. Fester is working with a woman to steal the Addams Fortune. They end up kicking the Addams out of their home and take over ownership. At the end, Fester realizes that the women (who is supposed to be who saved him) has been driven by greed and does not care for him. The family makes up and throws a big party. This movie has a lot of dark humor attached to it and it is so hilarious. I have no problem with this movie. It is a classic.

Room on the broom came out on Dec. 25, 2012 and was directed by Max Lang and Jan Lachuer. “It is about this witch who tries to find friends. She is picking up people on the way to her destination. Her broom keeping getting heavier because of all the people on it. The broom snaps at one point. The movie is teaching people how to help people when they need it and teaches how to be inclusive.” “I like the movie because it sends a great message. It is easier to watch with kids. It is a movie that you can watch every year. It is not like a movie that you watch once and move on. Every year, you get a new message from the movie. My favorite character is the witch because she is great. I would recommend this movie because it is such a great movie whenever I watch it.” (Neha Karandikar, Teacher at Hidden Valley High)

Monster House came out on Jul. 26, 2006 and was directed by Gil Kenan. It starts off with DJ’s parents leaving him in the care of his babysitter. DJ and Chowder start to notice that DJ’s neighbor’s house starts to move. They realize the house starts acting out because his neighbor was rushed to the hospital. They then enter the house, along with another girl named Jenny, and realize that the house is alive. The movie starts to explain why the house is alive and why it is what it is. The house is Nebbercracker’s wife, who is haunting the house. The house itself becomes angry when someone messes with it. The house is alive because as it was being built, the wife fell into the foundation. The wife has always hated kids because they used to terrorize her. So anytime a kid goes by the house, it acts out. Towards the end of the movie, the house comes alive and tries to kill the kids. At the end, the children end up destroying the house and saving the town.