Halloween Kills Review


Jacob Sloan, Reporter

The Halloween Movie franchise made its gruesome return to theatres and home streaming in October. This is the 12th instalment of Halloween and the second direct sequel to the original Halloween 1978. This is a precursor to the next movie rumored to be coming out late 2022 or early 2023. The movie takes its twists and turns like any other basic Thriller/Horror movie. Early reactions to the movie right out of the theatre was that Michael always wanted to decorate his kills. Every kill in the movie either had him sticking knives into the body of a victim or Michael using something nearby or an item they were wearing to more accessorize his kills. Laurie strode is one of the main characters who has spent the last 4 decades traumatized by the horror of Michael Myers. She would spend decades waiting for him to escape and he finally did. She took a swing and did not miss, trapping him inside her house and burning him alive in the previous movie, but suffered a bad stab wound in the stomach. This is at least what we thought, Michael always finds a way to cheat death and he does when there is a fire and firefighters, 11 of them were murdered as quick as it took him to escape, and he starts his journey to his childhood home. 

After the epilogue, the movie picks up right where we left off in Halloween 2018, with Laurie and the town in distraught of the dead that are being discovered around town, which at this point no one knows that it is Michael doing it or that he escaped after being transferred to die on death row. You would expect this movie to have less gore than the previous after Michael kills over 15 people, indeed you would be wrong. Michael has a set plan in mind for the movie, return home and reflect on himself. A lot of the film is set around Laurie not to being able to leave the hospital to find Michael and the Towns fear of him fueling his kills throughout the movie. Without spoiling the end of the film, the ending is in the title, the movie really has no proper ending. The last 20 minutes of the film are just to set up the next movie and wrap up the soon to be 13 movie trilogies. The movie should make more sense when the finale of the trilogy ends and gives some more context to this film and its ending. The last movie will also be directed by David Gordon Green, the director of Halloween Kills. My Rating for the movie is 4.5 out of 5 shields with the movie not being misleading in anyway and giving what most people want and should expect.