Knives Out

Mubeen Nisar, Staff Reporter

Knives Out is a new, refreshing, and original film, which does not disappoint. The movie showcases an all-star cast, with the likes of Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, Katherine Langford, Jaime Lee Curtis, and more. The plot encompasses the unusual circumstances surrounding the death of a crime and mystery novelist after the night of his 85th birthday. The police and a private investigator are hired to look into the case, with no suspects being left out, and foul play suspected.
The movie started out with the grave news that Harlan Thrombley, the head of the family, has been found dead. It was initially thought to be suicide, but after strange conditions appear they begin to question their judgment. After Harlan’s 85th birthday party, his caretaker turned friend Marta Cabrera does her nightly routine in taking care of him before leaving. We find out she accidentally switched his medicines and poisoned him. He devises a plan for a cover up and helps her to not be blamed, then he takes his own life.
Marta follows through with the plan and hopes it works. Throughout the movie the investigators follow the trail of clues to solve the mystery, questioning and interrogating the family along the way. It is revealed that Harlan had private conversations with various family members the day of the party which brings up the question of possible motives to the murder. Ransom, Harlan’s nephew, had a particularly rocky relationship and didn’t attend his funeral which made it more suspicious.
After a cold trail on the case, the court decides to go through with Harlan’s will reading. To everyone’s surprise, Harlan leaves all his assets including properties, money, and businesses to Marta. The family goes crazy and starts accusing Marta of manipulating Harlan to get all his assets. They end up trying to blackmail her to revoke the will with the threat of her mother being undocumented. Ransom tries to help her but it ends up being revealed that he tricked everyone and tried to kill Harlan by switching his medicine for taking him out of his will. Marta is revealed to be innocent and it is said she actually gave him the right medicine but he accidentally took his own life. Marta gets to keep her share and the family is forced to move on.
I would give this film an overall 9/10. It brought an intriguing and compelling story together made even better by the characters. The audience for this movie is not limited, anyone would be able to go and enjoy it, and there was not a lot of violence or graphic scenes which make it family friendly. The comedy, suspense, and wittiness all tie together perfectly and make this one of the best movies of the year.