Koltyn Virden, Reporter

The recently released movie Harriet, was a hit. Starring Cynthia Ervio, Joe Alwyn, Janelle Monáe, and many others. The movie reenacted the true story of Harriet Tubman. Many people enjoyed the movie and how the roles were acted. The movie starts off with Harriet and her fiancé getting consent to marry each other. They show their owner, but the owner dismissed them. Harriet then decides to leave the plantation and start her journey off to freedom.

While going through hardships, almost dying and getting caught, Harriet finally gets to Pennsylvania. She embraces her freedom and meets a very friendly companion, William Still. He helps her change her name, and wrote her story as a former slave. He then took that information to print it out on her birth certificate. He also showed her how to act in public as a free person.

Harriet quickly adjusted to her new life and actually enjoyed it. Although she was free and could live in peace, something was missing. Harriet had to go back and get her family to freedom. She felt bad for not having her family with her. William tried to persuade her not to go, and that it was too dangerous to go back. Harriet didn’t listen to him and ended up going alone. The first person she was coming to get was her fiancé. Unfortunately, her husband had found a new woman and was not willing to come with her. Harriet moves on to save the rest of her friends and family.

Eventually, Harriet manages to save her loved ones and makes it back to Pennsylvania safe and sound. Harriet then decided to try to save as many slaves as she could.

I would recommend this movie for every one of all ages. The movie is rated PG-13 and is definitely a must-see. I rate this movie an 8/10.