Charlie’s Angels

Charlie's Angels

Charlie’s Angels

Symphony Jackson, Editor

The new reboot of Charlies Angels, starring Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska, is a fast paced, action packed movie straight from the start. It sends a message of empowerment to young girls and women showing that women can do exactly what men can, if not better.

The movie begins with Elena Houghlin, played by Ella Balinska, trying to inform her employer that the device she created, Calisto, for his company can be turned into a weapon and that they need to fix it, but he overlooks her concerns and proceeds to do as he pleases. She then turns to the Townsend Agency to ask the Angels for help. As she is speaking with one of the Bosley’s, someone attempts to murder her and she has to go into hiding. She alongside two of the Angles work together to get Calisto back.

I would definitely recommend this movie to see not just for girls and women but for everyone because it teaches a lesson everyone can learn. This movie is graphic in some parts so I would suggest 10 year olds and over. Over all I think that this movie was good but it could have added a little more to make it a top tier movie.