Joker (2019)

Joaquin Pheonix

Joaquin Pheonix

Mubeen Nisar, Staff Reporter

2019s Joker was a masterpiece from start to finish. The solo origin movie of Arthur Fleck is the first DC movie which is not in the DCEU, or DC Extended Universe, since the Dark Knight Trilogy in 2012. Along with not being in the same universe as the other heroes, the movie is also not based off the original comics.
“I really loved the movie, it showed an interesting interpretation of Joker and how his experiences shaped him to become how he is,” said Levi Holmes (12).

The movie follows the story of Arthur Fleck, better known as Joker, and his journey to becoming the iconic ‘Clown Prince of Crime’. Played by Joaquin Phoenix, the character was brought to light in a way never done before. The story showed Fleck dealing with mental illness while trying to succeed as a comedian in life to support himself and his mother. (SPOILER) When he realizes he has had enough of being pushed around, he finally snaps and commits the infamous Subway Murders of three Wall Street journalists interning for Thomas Wayne.

“This was the best Joker interpretation so far, Joaquin really showed the emotion and hardships behind Joker and his story,” said Chris Rezendez (12).

This event triggers an onset of events which cause public riots and displeasure with the wealthy of Gotham. (SPOILER) Another event which shapes his character is when Fleck learns the truth of his mother, he ends up murdering her in the hospital and is finally set free to be the Joker.

“I really want to see more of the story and how the events of this movie could influence more to come,” said Brice Morrison (12).

When he sees his influence among the public along with how the elites look at him, he decides to go on the show of his former celebrity idol, Murray Franklin, where he was invited after being mocked for his comedy skills. (SPOILER) After he a statement by shooting Murray for mocking him, making his name known, the city of Gotham erupts in riots and the movie end with Fleck creating his iconic elongated smile while receiving applause by the people he has influenced. The movie ends with Joker in Arkham Asylum and sets up the premise for a sequel.

I would give the film a 9/10 because of how unique and intriguing it was. I think the movie was semi appropriate for children, the R rating is in place for the reason of potentially being too gory but overall it was a clean movie. The audience it influences would be comic book fans and people who are interested in new, interesting releases. With DC putting this version of the Joker in his own cinematic universe, the possibilities to go forward are endless. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure, the story to come will surely not disappoint.