Gemini Man

Will Smith

Will Smith

Koltyn Virden, Reporter

The popular movie, Gemini Man, has gotten its fair share of reviews. Starring Will Smith, Linda Edmond, Benedict Wong, and many others, the movie was interesting in its core. This movie was about a man being targeted by a younger, cloned version of himself.

The movie starts off with the main character, Henry, targeting people guilty of illegal things. Throughout the movie, Henry decides that he wants to retire and luckily meets a friend/ partner, Danny, with great potential. While Henry and Danny were getting along, the company that Henry was working for, decided to eliminate him and replace him with a cloned version of himself.

Henry is in a personal battle with the cloned version of himself and they both uncover secrets and start to understand each other. They eventually become decent acquaintances and the company that Henry used to work for, wants to eliminate Henry. Henry and his cloned self, work together to stop the company, along with the help of Danny by their sides.

In conclusion, the movie is rated PG-13 and I would definitely recommend this movie for teenagers to middle-aged people to watch. Personally, I would rate this movie a 7/10. The movie is very suspenseful, captivating, and a must see.