Downton Abbey

The Downton Abbey Cast

The Downton Abbey Cast

Koltyn Virden, Reporter

The popular upcoming movie, Downton Abbey. It is quite interesting and amusing to the audience. The movie takes place in the early 21st century, a few years after the occurrence of the sinking of the Titanic. Downton Abbey itself is a quaint little palace in Northern Europe. The actual palace’s name is called Highclere Castle.


The movie was based on the servants/workers of Downton trying to serve King George V and Queen Mary. Apparently, both the king and queen were going on tour as a vacation all around the country. They so happen to make a stop at Downton Abbey for only a night. Along with the king and queen came their servants, butlers, chef, and organizer to take care of the majesties’ needs. The Downton Abbey faculty was bamboozled by this and tried to treat and take care of the king and queen themselves.


Little did they know that the king and queen’s servants were not going to let that happen. The Downton Abbey staff and the majesties’ staff competed with each other to serve the majesties. They went head to head and tried to sabotage others on who broke something and who cooked what.


It can be quite confusing for those who have never seen the TV series. Some viewers thought it was highly entertaining and correlates well with the show. Others thought it was absurd with dry humor. There were multiple funny scenes with people bickering and insulting each other. The movie was a bit jumpy from one event to another but overall was light and entertaining. The rating for this movie was 4/5 and 94% liked this movie.