Hustlers Movie Review

Jennifer Lopez from Hustlers

Jennifer Lopez from Hustlers

Symphony Jackson, Editor

The new movie Hustlers, starring Jennifer Lopez as Ramona, Constance Wu as Destiny, Lili Reinhart as Annabelle, Cardi B as Diamond, Lizzo as Liz, and Keke Palmer as Mercedes, is a funny, dramatic, and insightful story of a group of dancers who come up with a scheme to not only make ends meet, but also get back at the men of wall street. The movie tells a story of friendship, hardship, and the intelligence of women.

The story starts with a girl named Destiny trying to provide for not only herself, but her grandma. In order to do that she works at a night club to make a living. She struggles to make any money until she meets Ramona, who is well loved at the night club. Ramona helps Destiny out and they quickly become very close. Then, the economic collapse of 2008 happens and Ramona and Destiny are forced to go their separate ways. During this time, Destiny ends up having a little girl and struggles to find a new job to be able to support her family. Finally she and Ramona connect again and Ramona informs Destiny of her scheme to make money. They decide to do it together and everything is good at first, but then things start to go downhill. They end up getting caught and lose touch again.

This is not a movie that a family should see together because it does have scenes that are not child appropriate. I would recommend to go with friends or even siblings, but not as a date. I rate the movie a 9 out of 10 because I wish Cardi B had more of a presence in the movie, but other than that the movie is a must see.