Wonder Movie Review: WONDERful

Auggie and his mother in a screencap from the movie, Wonder.

Auggie and his mother in a screencap from the movie, Wonder.

Sophie DiFrancesco, Staff Reporter

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Wonder tells the dramatic, inspiring story of August Pullman, nicknamed Auggie, a 5th grader with facial differences, and his effect on the ones around him. The hit movie is based on the novel by Raquel Jaramillo and was adapted to film for viewers to watch. The story is told from multiple points of view including Auggie’s sister, Via, and Auggie’s friends Jack Will and Summer. The film directed by Stephen Chbosky shows you how August affects everything around him and will tug on your heartstrings throughout the whole movie.

When the movie began, I was already crying in the first 3 minutes. The film was so beautifully constructed telling the story of how Auggie goes through life knowing he is different, and knowing that many people, including his peers, will judge him because of it. As I watched the film, I could feel and can see the emotions that each character was going through in every situation. The humanism overflows from the screen and I could connect to each character in a different way, which made the film so real and raw.

In the film, Auggie’, father, played by Owen Wilson, helped lighten the mood in the film by being a very supportive and caring father, and being there for Auggie and Via whenever. Auggies mother, played by Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts, gave such a depth to the film that only Julia Roberts would be able to give, through her amazing characterization of being of mother of a child with a disability and portraying her internal conflicts for viewers to see and feel. There were also cameos from Auggie’s soul mate, Chewbacca, giving many comedic breaks throughout the film, so you can laugh a little in between your sobs.

As I watched the film, I looked for the theme and discovered it was an interesting twist on the ability to cope and how that affects everyone. In the film, Auggie’s family all has to be strong, as well as smart, in order to cope with Auggie’s facial deformity. I saw how Auggie’s mother had to pull the family together, and put her life on hold, how Auggie’s father had to stay strong for Auggie, how Via had to cope with attention being taken from herself, and how the kids at Auggie’s school shifted from confusion to shock just when seeing Auggie. With the multiple different stories, you see how everyone adjust in a different way and how coping is different for everyone.

After seeing Wonder, and maybe crying the entire time, I would definitely see it again. There is so much depth and amazing choices made by the director in the fil, that I am sure I missed something while watching it the first time. Wonder is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and warm your heart. Wonder is one of those films that you will watch again in years to come, and the quality of the film will be just as good, maybe better, than the first time you saw it.

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