The Vampire Diaries Review


A picture of Elena Gilbert and The Salvatore brothers during season one of the show.

Farah Iqbal, Staff Reporter

The Vampire Diaries is a CW original show about vampires facing their problems with love, fighting off enemies, and everything that comes along with being a vampire. Stefan Salvatore, a vampire, comes home to his birth place, Mystic Falls, Virginia, to start out a new life and find out more about his new love interest, Elena Gilbert. That’s where the epic love story starts off leading up to season eight, the shows last season.

Stefan Salvatore, the 17 year old that has lived for 186 years, is a vampire and doppelganger, which is like a human copy of someone, in the show. With being a vampire comes bloodlust, and that’s always been hard for Stefan. He is a very contained person when it comes to his feelings. That’s why he has a diary to write everything down, hence why the show is named The Vampire Diaries.

His older brother, Damon Salvatore, follows him to Mystic Falls to try to bond with his brother, and trying to find his former lover, Katerina Petrova, also known as Katherine Pierce. He does cause some disturbance at the beginning with the humans, but he gets better at being the older brother in time. The iconic love triangle that’s in The Vampire Diaries includes the Salvatore brothers and Elena Gilbert.

At the beginning of the show Elena is a human, and doppelganger, not knowing it of course, but at the beginning of season four, she goes through the transition of becoming a vampire. She falls in love with Stefan, but she always had small feelings about Damon, deep down. When she became a vampire, all of her emotions became heightened, so the feelings for Damon that she tried to ignore surfaced.

Elena is the doppelganger to many others, but the most important is Katherine Pierce. She is the one who turned the brothers and she is their biggest enemy. Elena’s closest friends are Bonnie Bennett (witch), Caroline Forbes (vampire and also Stefan’s later love interest), Matt Donovan (human), and Tyler Lockwood (werewolf). Other characters are Enzo St. John (Damon’s friend and Bonnie’s later love interest), and Alaric Saltzman (former teacher and vampire hunter). Three new characters are introduced in season eight are Sybil, Seline, and their master Arcadius, also known as Cade, the creator and ruler of hell.

The first part of season eight is mostly about the sirens, how Sybil has brainwashed Damon and Enzo, and how the others are trying to get them back. During the beginning, Sybil convinces Damon to do many horrible things, and eventually takes over his brain. Then comes along Cade in the middle of the season. With Cade, everyone is now aware of what he can do and his very unusual abilities. The end of the season is where the biggest plot twist occurs.

Lots of big things happen in this season that were unexpected, some were positive, but most negative. Like Stefan’s proposal to Caroline and their June wedding, seeing Matt’s dad for the first time, the tragedy of Tyler’s death, but most of all Enzo’s death. We all felt that Bonnie should have had a happy rest of her life with him. She has sacrificed so much for everyone in the show that she could’ve had one sliver of happiness at least.

Towards the end was when the most shocking events happened. Their past enemy Kai returned from hell, then Katherine returned from hell, bringing along Vicki and Kelly, Matt’s sister and mom who died. Lastly, when Elena returned and reunited with Damon. The biggest surprise for me is when Stefan became a human, but when he also sacrificed himself just to kill Katherine.  I was super disappointed and sad, especially because Stefan was my favorite character in the series, but in the end when everyone eventually dies, they reunited with their loved ones.

Unfortunately, season eight was not my favorite, mostly because there were too many transitions, and it didn’t stick to one enemy, also because the ending wasn’t that great. There was so much anticipation for Elena and Damon’s reunion, but not all that the fandom thought was going to happen between them actually happened.

In my opinion, Stefan and Enzo did not deserve to die, but the season was overall good just like all the other seven.

After watching all the seasons, I felt an emotional connection, to the characters, and that is why the end of the series was pretty hard, also knowing another season isn’t going to come out, but all shows have to end eventually.

This is my favorite series I’ve watched, and I give the overall show a 10/10, definitely recommend watching, but season eight an 8.5/10.

Nonetheless, TVD forever, it was epic!