Knock at the Cabin

Knock at the Cabin

Zoey Walker, Reporter

Knock at the Cabin, an apocalyptic thriller directed by M. Night Shyamalan, is tense from beginning to end. From opening with a frightening stranger approaching the main characters’ young daughter to terrifying news stories foretelling the end of the world, Shyamalan creates a horrifyingly suspenseful setting, in which he carefully crafts a story of sacrifice, family, and the end of the world.

The movie was extremely well done and much better than Shyamalan’s last movie, Old, which had a classic Shyamalan twist at the end that fell completely flat. Knock at the Cabin succeeds where Old failed, keeping the audience on their seats right until the very end.

Ben Aldridge (Andrew, one of the dads with a hotheaded personality), Johnathon Groff (Eric, the calmer parental figure), and Kristin Cui (their young adopted daughter) work well together. They create such a powerful and familial love that it keeps an even power balance with the fear created by the four erratic, apparently demented strangers.

The ending will leave you sitting in your seat for a long minute after the movie has ended, processing everything that happened. It is a well-written story with a fantastic cast and a perfect execution of suspense. I rate this 4.5/5 Titan Shields.