Ginny & Georgia season 2: review

Ginny & Georgia season 2: review

Rory Munt, reporter

Ginny and Georgia season 2 was released 1-5-23. Featuring many actors, and different characters from different backgrounds.

Ginny runs away from home with her little brother Austin and goes to her father house after finding out what her mother had done to her now dead husband Kenny. Zion and Georgia “force” Ginny and Austin to go back to Georgia’s house for “fry-yay” which is a tradition in the Miller family where they fry a bunch of food the day after thanksgiving. Ginny doesn’t want to go back, she breaks down and tells her father that she has been using self-harm as a copping mechanism, and begs him not to tell her mom, he originally was going to tell her, but he decides not to as not to betray Ginny’s trust. Austin and ginny agree to move back to home and live with Georgia.

Ginny’s dad puts her in therapy to get the help that she needs, but they do not tell Georgia because she would want to know why she was going to therapy, and she doesn’t really believe in therapy. Ginny’s therapist gives her a notebook to write her thoughts in, but she chose to write poems because they come easier to her, Marcus later customizes the notebook as a Christmas gift for ginny. Marcus falls under a depression because he feels that he is not good enough for ginny, he believes one person shouldn’t be responsible for all his happiness, he finds it unfair to ginny to put that pressure on her, because of all that she has going on.

Georgia is engaged to the mayor of Wellsbury, Paul. He doesn’t know half of the stuff that she has done or been through and she is worried that he will find out, when he later finds out he is okay with it because he loves her and they go through with the marriage.

At the end of the first season there is a big fight between MANG (Maxine, Abby, Norah, and Ginny) during the play that Maxine was starring in, because Maxine found out that ginny had been seeing Marcus when Ginny had a boyfriend, Hunter. The group gets split up with Maxine mad at Abby and Ginny because Abby knew and didn’t tell her. Norah and Maxine stay close, but they don’t talk to Abby and Ginny anymore. Ginny and Abby grow closer, they eventually make up with Maxine and Norah, and reunite MANG (Maxine, Abby, Norah, and Ginny).

On Christmas Georgia finds out about Ginny’s self-harming tendencies because she read her notebook, Georgia has a full on breakdown, and ginny and Georgia’s relationship is mended. Marcus and Maxine come home from their grandparent’s house for Christmas, which is when Marcus starts to pull away from Ginny. They officially breakup at the ‘wellington’ musical, Ginny is very broken after the breakup, and finds comfort in her mother Georgia. Ginny then understands why Marcus broke up with her and decides to be there for him, even if they aren’t together.

Around Christmas Austin’s dad, Gill comes back into the picture after being jail for a majority of Austin’s life. Gil is not a very good person and he used to abuse Georgia, so Georgia “framed” him for fraud and got him sent to jail. When Gill comes back he gets violent with Georgia and Austin see this happening and shoots him, Georgia decides not to tell Paul at first, but then before they get married she tells him EVERYTHING.

Georgia and Paul get married, the wedding is amazing for being pulled together at the last minute. Their happiness is short lived because Georgia is arrested for murder, while the wedding is taking place right before hers and Paul’s first dance.

Overall, i think this season was a vast improvement from the first. I rate Ginny & Georgia season 2, 3.5 sheilds.