Werewolf by Night review

Werewolf by Night review

Olivia Tingle, Reporter

A new Marvel Halloween special was  released on Disney plus on October 7. “Werewolf by Night”, directed by Michael Giacchino, is one of the first in the Marvel universe to take a different route then the classic superhero movies, with it being based in the horror genre.  

The special follows a group of five monster hunters, and Elsa Bloodstone (Laura Donnelly), attending the funeral of Ulysses Bloodstone, the past leader of the monster hunters. During the gathering they learn that they have been chosen to compete for the ownership of the Bloodstone, meaning they are the new leader of the monster hunters. To become the new leader, they must enter a maze with a deadly monster and who ever kills it gets the bloodstone. The main hunter is Jake Russel (Gael García Bernal), who is not looking to kill the monster but rescue it. To do this Jake teams up with Elsa, with the promise that she will receive the bloodstone.  

“Werewolf by Night” is made to look like an old black-and-white movie, feeling like a classic horror movie. However, there is still plenty of action within the short, 53-minute, runtime. Outside of the action the special focuses on family, Elsa dealing with disappointment from her side and Jake trying to rescue his.  

In comparison to other marvel projects, “Werewolf by Night” has a different take on the superhero genre and uses it well. The aged look of the special is kept throughout, and the acting also plays into it. “Werewolf by Night” is worth a watch during the Halloween season.