Better Call Gene: The End of an Era

Better Call Saul Director: Vince Gilligan

Better Call Saul Director: Vince Gilligan

Caitlin Musser, Reporter

Better Call Saul (BCS) is a spinoff of the hit series Breaking Bad. Following slightly corrupt but lovable lawyer Saul Goodman, formally Jimmy McGill. BCS is the prequel to Breaking Bad, it follows Jimmy’s life from approximately the time after acquiring his law license. Jimmy holds the reputation of ‘‘Slippin’ Jimmy’’ his past nickname from dabbling in the art of the con.

Better Call Saul has a total of six seasons, each season follows Jimmy as he finds his path as a lawyer and navigates life. The already entertaining plot is elevated with Jimmy’s witty interactions with criminals. He toes the line of ethically practicing law, although viewers can’t help but be endeared by his charm. At times Jimmy is helpless to his own mistakes but tries to follow his own moral compass.

The last season of BCS brings us right where we left off on in season five. Nacho, a rogue cartel member is on the run after being asked to oversee the death of his own boss, Lalo. Nacho is soon killed under the duress of drug trafficker Gustavo Fring. Meanwhile, Jimmy (Saul) and Kim begin to plot the career death of their former boss, Howard Hamlin. Kim and Jimmy start to lose their morals when the framing of Howard turns cruel, and later dangerous. During this time his own law practice thrives. When Howard’s paranoia ultimately causes irrevocable damage, he realizes that Jimmy was behind all his bad luck. Eventually, Howard confronts Jimmy and Kim at their apartment, only to be interrupted by escaped Lalo, previously presumed dead. Lalo kills Howard, he becomes collateral damage. Ultimately Jimmy and Kim make it out of the mess they encouraged, and Lalo dies as was always intended.

The tragic end of Jimmy and Kim’s life together concludes with a divorce, and Jimmy’s transition into growing moral corruption at his practice. Throughout the season flash-forwards hint at Jimmy’s life after Breaking Bad’s timeframe. At the end of the season, we are brought to the present. Where Jimmy, then Saul, now Gene is running from the police, living in Nebraska. Gene lives a monotonous life in Nebraska, but eventually he is tempted back into his old habits. Jimmy’s helplessness in his criminal urges causes his eventual arrest and a life sentence in prison. Jimmy, Kim, as well as characters in Breaking Bad all served a greater purpose. Their choices make us question and observe what makes a person “Break Bad”. (5 out of 5 sheilds)