Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Gracey Haas, Reporter

The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes came out on April 27th, 2022, on Netflix. This documentary discusses the mystery of Marilyn Monroe’s tragic death and the events leading up to it. It follows a detective who was put in charge of investigating her death.  In this documentary, it takes the viewer through the discoveries of her life. This whole documentary involves people who were interviewed after her death and how a detective is reviewing the tapes to hope to figure out her death.

The documentary starts by discussing her life before fame and how she started. Her acting career started with Al Rosen who helped to start her career in the beginning. He talks about “a little black book” which told what actresses “Could be laid.” It was discussed how females used to sexualized in Hollywood by everyone (mostly directors). How women’s careers were based on their looks. The next interviewee is Gloria Romanoff who’s husband knew her at the beginning of her career. She talks about she was a “generous girl, really lovable.” She tells how Marilyn was into the “restaurant and club scene.” Again, it was talked about how Hollywood was “male dominated, and women in movies were exploited.”

The documentary talks about people who were heavily involved in her life. One of these people was a man named Johnny Hyde who “was one of the most influential agents in the country at that time.” He was deeply in love with her, so much so that he left his wife to be with her. He devoted the last 18 months of his life to Marilyn and her career. He introduced her to many important people in Hollywood. The next interviewee is John Huston (a film director). He talks about how Johnny Hyde got her an audition in “Asphalt Jungle”. This part in the movie jumped started her career. Next, Jane Russell is interviewed on her “opinion” of Marilyn. She talks about how she was very ambitious and serious about her career. Marilyn talks about how she just became a star “overnight”. It is brought back to John Huston. He talks about how Hollywood had changed Marilyn. How she became to be the “sex symbol” of the United States. He talked about how it wasn’t about sex at all. “There was something deeply moving about Marilyn, always.”

“We were close during the picture, and then we considered ourselves friends,” said Jane Russell. She talks about they grew apart from each other. “She didn’t try to seek out the people who had become close to her”. Dr. Ralph Greenson “was a Hollywood psychiatrist who treated and befriended Marilyn in her final years.” His family was interviewed about their dad’s involvement with Marilyn. “My notion was these people were phoneys and narcissistic characters,” said Danny Greenson (His son). Hildi and Joan were next on the interview list. “There was something about Marilyn that put her apart from everyone else.” Dr. Ralph Greenson believed that “Marilyn had a tendency to paranoid reactions. She wasn’t believe to schizophrenic, she believed that her reactions were more masochistic.” Her childhood was very traumatic to her. She lived in ten foster homes, spent two years in a orphanage, all while her mother was “packed off to a mental asylum.” He believed that she needed a family. “His feeling was well because of who she was, she could never be hospitalized” said Danny. He treated her in a very unorthodox kind of way. He let her spend time with his family.

The general was “the way insiders at the Justice department referred to Robert Kennedy” There were rumors about John F. Kennedy and Marilyn but they were “legion.” Robert Kennedy “maybe would fit into the pattern of the end of Marilyn’s life.” Billy Wilder (the director of the seven year itch) talked about how her former husband Joe DiMaggio could not handle her career. A former hairdresser of Marilyn talks about how she came to have bruises on her shoulders. It was discussed by her psychiatrist that she would have maniac depressive thoughts. This documentary talks about how Marilyn became addicted to narcotics. “She used uppers, amphetamines, and downers, barbiturates for years, and most dangerously, sleeping pills.” It is brought back to the Kennedy brothers who were believed to be involved with Marilyn. Jimmy Hoffa hired a private detective to get dirt on the brothers (mostly their involvement with Marilyn) “The bugs were installed in the bedrooms and in the phones and there were four all together.”

This documentary was very interesting to me. In all I would give it a 5 out of 5 shields. I loved how detailed it was. It explained almost everything about her life. I found it very attention-grabbing.