Movie review: Morbius


Matt Smith the actor for Milo.

Olivia Tingle, Reporter

“Morbius” was released in theaters April 1, 2022 and is the newest movie underneath Sony and Marvel entertainment.  Directed by Daniel Espinosa “Morbius” is an action movie that makes an attempt to introduce a new character into the multiverse.

The movie follows Dr. Morbius (Jared Leto) who is trying to find a cure for a rare blood disease that both him and is adopted brother, Milo (Matt Smith), have.  In an attempt to find the cure Morbius creates an artificial blood made from bat DNA. Finding this to be the best option Morbius and Dr. Bancroft (Adria Arjona) go onto international waters to conduct the experiment, which goes horribly wrong. After the experiment Morbius kills all the crew on the ship other than Dr. Bancroft and leaves a distress signal before making his escape back to New York City. While learning about these new abilities it becomes known that Morbius has accidentally transformed himself into a vampire. When Milo becomes aware that Morbius is now cured he tries to convince him to also give him the cure but is turned away. Overcome with rage Milo steals the cure, becoming a vampire himself, and starts a series of murders throughout the city.

“Morbius” was a dull movie which failed to deliver many decent scenes, due to the acting and the script being disappointing, and the plot was uninteresting and seemed to drag on. I rated “Morbius” a 1.5 out of 5 shields.