National Barbie Day

National Barbie Day

Micah Peay, Staff Reporter

On March 9th, we celebrated a wonderful national day, Barbie Day. National Barbie Day was created to celebrate the lovely Barbie characters as well as the creators who made Barbie and the Barbie movies.

“Barbie is such a large part in so many people’s lives.” (Ms. Donathan)

The first ever Barbie was made on March 9th, 1959, therefore we celebrate on this day. Barbie’s debut was at the American International Toy Fair in New York. Barbie has lots of siblings but only 3 sisters still exist. She has Skipper who came out in 1963, who is still going strong today. Then she had two younger siblings who were twins Tutti and Todd, Tutti was soon discontinued, and her name was changed to Stacy who we still see today.

She then had an even younger sister named Kelly, but her name was soon changed to Chelsea. Finally, we have her little sister named Krissy, who was also discontinued. Then we have the boyfriend of Barbie, Ken. Ken dolls debuted March 11th, 1961, he was named after the creator of Barbie’s son, Kenneth Handler

“I loved barbie when I was a kid. They were basically my best friends.” (Norah Carden 10)

Barbie has 43 movies with multiple different voice actresses to play her. Barbie has been a role model for young people since 1959.