Jeen-Yuhs Review


Carter Crouch, Reporter

Jeen-Yuhs is a new documentary focusing on popular musical artist Kanye West. The documentary is exclusively on Netflix and is broken into three episodes with each being around 90 minutes long. The documentary is entirely footage filmed by Kanye’s cameraman, and friend, Coodie Simmons.  Leaving the whole documentary with a staggering 4-and-a-half-hour-long runtime. The documentary is not playing in theaters and was released on Netflix on January 23rd, 2022.

The documentary covers 20 years of the life of Kanye West, which could explain the titanic runtime. But the way the filmmakers use this time is rather strange. The first two episodes focus on the production and strife of Kanye West creating his debut album, College Dropout, while also trying to step out of the name of a producer and make a name in rap. But with the third and final episode it tries to encapsulate over 15 years of his life within 1 hour and 37 minutes which can make it feel rushed to say the least. It is a deep contrast between the two first episodes which are slow and take their time in setting the mood.

Despite the main issue of the last episode, it is still a very solid documentary. Even with me not being a particularly big fan of Kanye’s music, the documentary gives you a great insight of the troubles that the musician had in his early days. With all of this in mind I give Jeen-Yuhs a 3.5 titan shields out of 5.