Top 10 Ben 10 Aliens Ranked

Ben 10 has had many aliens over the years.

Ben 10 has had many aliens over the years.

Lacie Holdren, Staff Reporter

Ben 10 is one of my favorite childhood shows, and I will be talking about Ben 10 classic, Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, and Omniverse.


Goop is just an alien made of goo, there is nothing special about him and his main moves are his ability to cover someone’s face and move is body all around. Goop first appeared in Ben 10 Alien Force. Goop could never beat the bad guy by himself, Ben would always have to change into a different alien.


Rath is good at taking down the bad guys, but with his anger he can’t compromise with people. All he wants to do is just punch his way out of problems instead trying talk like he does with some of his other aliens. Rath is one of the aliens with a high punch rate, but not enough to take down the bad guys. Rath also likes to talk in 3rd person. His first appearances were in Ben 10 Alien Force.


XLR8 main skill is that he is super-fast. He can throw a few good punches. XLR8 was good at taking on low life criminals and maybe a couple of big bad guys. At the beginning Ben did not understand how to control XLR8. Ben used XLR8 a lot to win races when he was still 10. XLR8 appeared in the Ben 10 Classic.


Bloxx is just a giant Lego brick that can move and build fast. He was used to stop a bomb that was going to blow up his hometown. Bloxx is not really seen much throughout the show so most people don’t know him. He has used his body to trap and lock the Friedel brothers. He shows up in Ben 10 Omniverse.


It’s hard to talk about Ghostfreak because he really didn’t take down any bad guys but what he did was he separated himself from the watch to take control over Ben’s body. Ghostfreak was put into high lockdown prison but was later let out by Vilgax in Alien Force, and he still wanted to take over Ben’s body, and the rest of his aliens. He showed in the Ben 10 Classic show.


Chromastone is not considered an alien because he is the core crystal of the alien planet Petropia, the planet Diamondhead is from. Chromastone was separated from Ben’s watch to recreate the planet Petropia but ended up being killed by Vilgax. Even though Ben thought Chromastone was gone forever from his watch his version of him was still in his watch. He was in the first show in Ben 10 Alien Force.


Clockwork is an alien Ben was supposed to get in the future, but he gets it early. Ben was first confused when he found out from his future self that he was supposed to have him in the future. Clockwork has the power to control time but in Omniverse he somehow used his to pull all the different Ben’s from the future and other dimensions to help take down a bad guy. Clockwork appeared in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien.


Humungousaur has taken down loads of bad guys, and when Ben is in a fight, he tries to go for Humungousaur, but he doesn’t always him. Humungousaur can change his size to taller than the school, which Ben uses to his advantage. Humungousaur in the DNA-Aliens war he used his giant size to take down the DNA-Alien’s weather machine, he also used his size to take multiply DNA-Aliens. He first appeared in Ben 10 Alien Force.


Feedback is another hard one to talk about because in the show they do flash backs in Omniverse to when ben was 10 and had Feedback like he was in the classic show, but if we go back to the classic show he was never actually in the classic show or even talked about. Feedback was Ben’s was his favorite alien. Malware destroys Feedback. Malware saw how much Ben loved using Feedback, so he literally ripped Feedback out of the watch, destroying him, and Ben was so traumatized to never want to talk about Feedback ever again. Feedback came back later in Omniverse when Ben and the rest of the plumbers try to take down Malware, and Ben used feedback to finally take down Malware.


Alien-X is not counted as an alien he is known as a Celestilsapien being, like he was born outside the known universe. Alien-X has used his power to recreate the universe and the planet a few times. Ben had Kevin put a special lock on one of the versions of his watch, to where he can’t use him because he is overpowered. Alien-X is very hard to control so Ben doesn’t use him. Alien-X first showed up in Ben 10 Alien Force.