We Are Who We Are (Review)


Annika Almond, Opinion Editor

We Are Who We Are is a new television series that aired recently on HBO. It follows the life of a boy, Fraser Wilson, who has come to question his sexuality over the time of his family moving to Italy.

Fraser is played by child actor, Jack Dylan Grazer. There is another main character called Cate when they are around the main group of friends but goes by Harper Poythress around Fraser. Cate’s character slowly comes to question their gender identity and starts using the name Harper around Fraser. Harper is played by child actress, Jordan Kristine Seamon.

The show follows the two main characters and focuses on their friendship as they grow closer over time. The show is only on its first season and is about three quarters of the way finished.

The pilot episode shows Fraser and his family moving to Italy to live on a military base. He has two mothers who are both stationed on the base. One of his mothers, played by Alice Braga, works as a medic on the base and the other mother, played by Chloe Sevigny, moved to Italy to receive a promotion as commanding officer. The show is off to an interesting start as we watch Fraser adjust to his new surroundings, his new friend group, and his growing relationship with cate.

This show is well worth your time, especially if you’re interested in drama revolving around acceptance and character development. I give it a 8/10.