Taylor Swift’s new album: Lover

Taylor Swift’s new album: Lover

Mattie Miller, Writer

Taylor Swift’s new album “Lover” was released August 23rd, 2019. This album was met with much anticipation from Taylor Swift’s devoted fans, earning the name “Swifties.” The album is filled with 18 self-written songs by the artist with every song currently listed on the “Billboard Hot 100.”

The singles from “Lover” are Me! which featured Brendon Urie, You Need to Calm Down, and the title track Lover. Currently, You Need to Calm Down is listed number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Lover is listed at number 10 and Me! is listed at number 11.

Lover really hits close to home for me it’s my favorite song on the album,” said Anna Bashore who is a certified Swiftie.

The song on this album have more societal meaning especially You Need to Calm Down which the goal of is to raise awareness for the Equality Act. At the end of the music video Swift calls for viewers to sign the petition to call for the White House to take action on the Equality Act.

“I loved the way Taylor used her platform as a way to help raise awareness for an important issue,” stated Anna Bashore.

The album itself sounds different from her past works taking on more of a synthy 80’s pop sound. Lover takes on a different side to Swift’s personality its shows more of a serious emotionally vulnerable side of personality. Songs like ‘Afterglow’ and ‘Lover’ have more of indie soft pop sound to them. Overall this album is one Taylor Swift’s best albums to date.