ZAYN Book Review


Inside cover of ZAYN book.

Farah Iqbal, Staff Reporter

Zayn Malik, 23, is a British singer/songwriter that is known for leaving former band, One Direction. Despite hate for leaving the band, Malik was not discouraged about coming out with his own music. When describing him, people like to say he is a very good looking man, he also has a wide range of vocals, and is very talented at hitting high notes. He is also recognized for being interracial, with his mother, Trisha, being Irish decent, and his father, Yaser, being of Pakistani decent.

In November 2016, he came out with self-titled book, ZAYN.

“My name is Zayn Malik and this is my story.” 

Zayn needed a way to express his feelings, explain to his and fans why he left, he talks about all that in his book. He enjoyed being in the band before. He just wanted to be solo because the music wasn’t who he was or his style, it was the bands. He started a new chapter in his life after he left the band. Also in the book he writes about the music in his first album, Mind of Mine, which came out in March 2016.

“I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders.” 

He wrote about his songs and the meaning behind them in the book. The song “Intermission: Flower,” was inspired by his father, Yaser. When he was younger, he listened to his father’s records, they were Pakistani records, and he wanted to make a song in that style. So he made one using the language his father used, Urdu. He felt that he honored his father through writing that song. Another song he wrote about is “Rear View”. This song represents Malik’s emotions about the whole transition from being a part of a group to becoming a solo artist, what was going through his mind and how he felt.

“For me, it was this massive build-up of butterflies in my stomach: I was nervous, excited – everything.” 

Each chapter in this book explains something about Malik’s life. I loved all the chapters for many different reasons. Even though it was hard, I had to narrow down my three favorite chapters. First is “Graffiti Wall.” In this chapter he talks about his love for art, and he expresses it through doodles, graffiti, and more. In his house, he has a room where he just does graffiti all over the walls. He has Polaroid pictures of them in the book and on his social media. The reason I loved this chapter is because it shows that he does other things than just sing and write songs. It shows that he’s a regular person that does regular things.

Next is “Lyric Sheets and Lyric Book.” Malik primarily writes his music, along with some help. He writes it all down on sheets of paper and notepads. I loved this one because he describes how the process is in writing all the songs. There are pictures showing all his notes and lyrics.

“The lyrics are real: they have to be if I’m going to be passionate about singing them.”

Last is “Fandom”. I automatically liked this on because I guess I could say I’m a part of it. Fandom means the dedicated fans. Knowing that he made a chapter just for us, makes me pretty happy. He talks so positively about the fandom.

I loved this book because Zayn was so open and honest about everything. It’s like he was talking to me personally. He answered all my questions and more. I’ve also loved Zayn and his music for so long and this book made me love him even more. It felt like I was on a personal level with him, even though that sounds kind of crazy. I give this book a definite 10/10, definitely worth reading.