Movie Review: Iron Man 3

Cameron Stout, Staff Reporter

With a killer ending and a suspenseful plot line, the movie Iron Man 3 has an “on the edge of your seat” experience with new adventures. Iron Man 3, based on action and excitement, can make viewers rethink their whole world. Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., holds up his action-packed role while maintaining his sarcasm and wit, seen in the previous Iron Man movies and last year’s Avengers.

New bad guys form with old alliances for a romantic twist as the past slams to the present in this new film. The third installment of the Marvel Studios series offers a heavier experience with a thicker and more emotional plot compared to the previous two Iron Man films. Nevertheless, the usually fun-loving and happy going experience brought by Downey and the rest of the cast is not taken away through this heaviness, but rather it invites a new dramatic element to the plot.

Lives are risked, families are torn apart, bonds are even broken in this wonderful cinematic experience. The only question that is left for the audience to wonder is, “Will there be another Iron Man?”