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NFL Playoffs
The 2019 NFL playoffs started on January 5th with two of the four wildcard games. The Colts, Texans, Seahawks, Cowboys, Eagles, Bears, Chargers, and Ravens were all the teams that made the wildcard round. But, the Colts, Cowboys, Eagles, and Chargers were the only teams that advanced on to the divisional round. In the divisional round, the teams that won in the wildcard round have to play either the one or two seed based on the outcome of the other game in the conference.

The teams facing off in the divisional round was the Saints vs Eagles, Cowboys vs Rams, Patriots vs Chargers, and Colts vs Chiefs. The Saints, Rams, Patriots, and Chiefs came out victorious in the divisional round. The winners of the divisional round then go on to play in their conference championship to decide who will play in the Super Bowl. In the conference championships, the games were the Saints vs Rams and the Patriots vs Chiefs. The Rams and Patriots both won close overtime games to solidify their spots in Super Bowl LIII. However, there was some controversy late in the Rams vs Saints game.

With under two minutes to play in the 4th quarter, The Saints had the ball in the red zone and in scoring position. The Saints had the chance to score a last minute field goal to win the game but on 3rd down there was a blatant missed Pass Interference call. The Saints were forced to take a field goal but the Rams answered back quickly scoring a last second field goal to take the game to overtime. In overtime, The Saints won the coin toss but on their first drive they threw an interception which led to the Rams scoring a field goal and winning the game.

The stage for Super Bowl LIII is set and the Rams and the Patriots will face off Feb. 3rd in Atlanta.

Carson Wood, Staff Reporter

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