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Teacher of the Year: Mr. Skip Larrington

Ryan Bushkar, Sports and A&E Editor

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When Mr. Peter “Skip” Larrington was 17, he was a chemistry lab assistant who loved to sail. When he was younger, he had always aspired to be a teacher, but wanted to make enough money to provide for a family. “I realized that I needed to provide, so I got a degree in business and worked for a company in Boston before moving to Virginia,” said Mr. Larrington.

Although teaching was something he wanted to do for a career, sailing has been a consistent love of his for several years. “I first got in to sailing when I was 12 years old when my parents put me in a sailing program,” said Mr. Larrington.

Throughout the course of his existence, Mr. Larrington’s life has changed as a result of his sailing. “I met my wife on a sailboat, and we would spend every night sailing when we were younger,” said Mr. Larrington.

Not many knew about his hobby of sailing, and not many people know his real name is Peter as well. Most people have referred to him as “Skip”.

“When I was in college, there were three Peters in my dorm. One was known as Peter, another was Pete, and after my mom called me Skipper Peter Larrington in a letter from home, the name just stuck,” said Mr. Larrington.

Even though Mr. Larrington doesn’t sail nearly as much as he used to, he still gets to do what he’s wanted to do since he was ten years old: teach.

“I’ve provided for my family and paid off my house, now I can go back and teach,” said Mr. Larrington.

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Teacher of the Year: Mr. Skip Larrington