Teacher of the Year: Ms. Sara Cann

Antonia Douchi, Staff Reporter

When Ms. Sara Cann was 17, she was what you might call a social butterfly. She was in lots of clubs, varying from Key Club, SCEA, and the School Beautification Committee, to VICA and student government as class vice president. She said, “It seemed like I was always doing something at school.”

In addition to being in half the school’s clubs, Ms. Cann maintained good grades. Her favorite class, however, was mechanical drafting, or shop class. She said, “You got to do something with your hands, and you got to create something that was unique and special to you.”

Originally, Ms. Cann wanted to be an architect. It was her dream job. But when high school ended, and college came around, she said, “I felt like I had to go to college, but deep inside, I don’t think I was ready.” She only went to college for one year, before going to a community college.

After two years at community college, she decided she was ready, and went to Virginia Tech, first with a major in elementary education. Her major changed twice though, moving from elementary education, to biology, to secondary biology education.

If Ms. Cann could change one thing, she would have trusted herself, and not worried about what other people think. She said, “If you believe in you, things will be okay.”

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