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A Hidden Valley love story

Photo Courtesy of Laura Weaver

Morgan Routt, Staff Reporter

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These two teachers have their own Hidden Valley love story. They would never have met if it weren’t for their teaching careers. Even though Mr. Scott Weaver and Mrs. Laura Pitotti Weaver both went to Virginia Tech, they didn’t connect until 8 years ago, when both were hired as beginning staff.

If it weren’t for their sneaky freshman classes that first year, they may not have gotten together.

“The first week of school in 2004, we had kids in classes that tried to set us up, his 9th grade PE class and my 9th grade history class,” Mrs. Weaver said. “It wasn’t love at first sight. I stood him up on the first date because I was still living in Blacksburg, even though he would have driven to come get me. Once we actually did go on a date, he turned out to be a nice guy.”

Seeing your spouse at work tends to be a little awkward, but for the Weavers…

“It doesn’t bother me to see Scott. We don’t really see each other; I mean it’s not awkward or anything. Kids made it more awkward when we were dating but since we’re married, it’s legit,” said Mrs. Weaver.

According to Mr. Weaver, “It’s not really weird seeing Laura, because we don’t speak when we see each other.”

Mr. Weaver and the then Ms. Pitotti dated for 18 months, and then got married on June 30, 2007. Now Mr. and Mrs. Weaver have two daughters, Addison, 2 ½, and Avery, 4 months.

“I would like to have two more kids but I know Mr. Weaver put the smack down with only one more,” Mrs. Weaver said.

For the Weavers, football season is the most hectic time of the year. Mr. Weaver is the head coach for varsity football and Ms. Weaver used to be the head coach for sideline cheerleading.

“It’s crazy during football, especially when he’s never home, we have two small kids, we both work full-time, and we never get sleep, but it’s good crazy, not bad crazy,” Mrs. Weaver said. “The fact that I was the cheerleading coach and he’s the football coach, it was just too cliché, but nice since we were both busy at the same time and both free at the same time.” According to Mr. Weaver, “I thought it was kind of corny.”

Even with their busy lives and school commitments, the Weavers make time for each other. One thing they do is find time to focus on each other.

“The opening week for football season we always have date night because we don’t have time during the season. This is so sad. We usually go to dinner and a movie,” Mrs. Weaver said. “We probably won’t be in the same place until Christmas.”

Math teacher Ms. Maggie Long has been friends with Mrs. Weaver since her first year and Hidden Valley, and has watched the romance between Mr. and Mrs. Weaver develop first-hand.

“I think Mr. and Mrs. Weaver are ideal for each other because I think they’re a good balance. They aren’t afraid to be themselves,” Ms. Long said. “When they first started dating, I didn’t think it was anything serious, but after a year I knew they were. I remember thinking they were a very cute couple, and I remember seeing them for the first time together at the homecoming dance.”

Ms. Long has watched them grow together as parents and as a family.

“Mrs. Weaver is one of my closest friends. She is always there to support me,” Mrs. Long said. “Mr. Weaver is an excellent father. It’s awesome how close he is with his kids.”

The Weavers are still making memories together, both in and out of school. They both have favorite memories of their early years together.

“Our first year we were dating, we went to the Sugar Bowl to see Virginia Tech play. That is my favorite memory,” Mrs. Weaver said. According to Mr. Weaver, “My favorite memory is the days our children were born.”

Hidden Valley has its own blue and gold love story, and the home of the Weavers takes school spirit to a whole new level.

Mrs. Weaver said, “We have enough blue and gold to fill the White House. We don’t own anything that doesn’t have blue and gold on it other than my purple Kendall Bayne shirt.” Mr. Weaver said, “I would say two-thirds of my closet is Titans football stuff.”

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