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Ryan Bushkar

Ryan Bushkar, Sports/ A&E Editor

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From the highest points of buildings and towers, curbs and cars, to schools and businesses, the entire world is infected with the newest online sensation: planking. Planking is a viral sensation created in Australia that is rumored to have begun in 1994. But by definition, planking is horizontally laying across any object or the ground with their arms by their sides aiming to appear as if they’re in a daring situation. “Ever since I saw planking on Tosh.0, I’ve really gotten into planking, and I’ve been doing it for about six months,” said Matthew Camilletti (9).

Now, millions of people across the world are doing it, and it is has been done in every continent except for Antarctica. This phenomenon is most popular with teenagers and young adults, who post their photos on Facebook or Blogspot. “I love putting my pictures on Facebook, I always get comments from people saying ‘woah, that’s awesome’, it’s a pretty cool feeling,” said Camilletti.

The media has widely publicized planking to the public, including the website, which has been promoted on the television show Tosh.0, and on news networks such has CNN and FoxNews. “I first got into planking from watching Tosh.0, I think that’s how a lot of people got into it,” said Camilletti.

Most people tend to plank in the most challenging places they can find. Some people plank on bridges, towers, roofs, and even on playgrounds. “The hardest place I’ve had to plank on a water fountain, mainly because it was small and it was really hard to balance on,” said Josh Metz, a sophomore at Patrick Henry High School.

Another feature about planking is the people tend to do it in groups. Most people plank in pairs or groups. “Whenever I plank I always choose to plank with my friends, it’s just more fun when you have other people to do it with,” said Brandon Lusk (11).

The public reaction to planking has been mixed. There are some who praise the new trend, but others who condemn it, mainly because they view it as a useless activity that is more dangerous than good. “Most people I know think planking is really dumb, but I love it,” said Camilletti.

Those who do love it continue to do it, and it’s not just fun for them, it can benefit people that do it, and the people around them. “When I plank in a public place, it makes people look at you in awe and you feel unique,” said Metz.

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