DECA prepares students for the future

Morgan Routt, Staff Reporter

If you are “interested in marketing, want to participate in business or marketing, or pursue a career in it, then Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) is the club for you,” according to Ms. Beth Davis. DECA is restricted to only marketing students. Morning meetings are held in room 302 or 304, on the first and third Wednesday of every month. National, state and district dues are $25, which also includes a DECA t-shirt.

According to Ms. Davis, “DECA makes our marketing students more outgoing, provides leadership ability and great public speaking skills.”

The DECA leadership team, mostly comprised of seniors, is a vital part of the club. “The leadership team makes decisions for the club, such as fund raisers or events coming up. The leadership team votes and recommends what we should do and brings it to class and they also work on DECA activities within the classroom,” said Ms. Davis.

Emily Mays (12) is looking forward to serving in a leadership position for DECA this year. “The main challenges of being on the leadership team I think would be being a good leader and role model, and placing in the DECA conferences,” Emily said. “I want to be in public relations and I feel like DECA can help me accomplish that.”

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