Indoor track teams approaches the end of the season

Carolyn Bethel

Sprinting around the track, Cameron Vaughn (11) represents Hidden Valley at an indoor track meet.

Martha Kakouras, Staff Reporter

As the Indoor Track team approaches the championship season, the team recollects on accomplishments from the regular season and their hope for a positive end. Although the team was wary of how the season would turn out in the beginning, players and coaches agree that the team has really pulled through to create a wonderful season.

COACH’S QUOTE: “The team has been really good this year. We’ve had more athletes on the team than any other year, it’s great to see everyone getting involved in extra-curricular activities,” said Coach Chuck Parker.

PLAYER’S QUOTE: “This season has been really great; we’ve done a lot better than predicted. The team has also grown a lot since last year,” said Joey Coy (12).

ACCOMPLISHMENTS FROM THE REGULAR SEASON: Tyler Blankenship (11) and Carolyn Bethel (11) set new school records at District Indoor Track and Field Championships. Twenty-one Titans qualified for the Regional Championship. Also, so far there have been three athletes eligible to compete in the VHSL State Championship.

GOALS FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON:  “For everyone to run their best. And remember, turn left,” said Coach Dan King.

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