Intense workouts, team bonding for cross country team

Carolyn Bethel

Pushing through a long and muddy race, Leslie Weidner (10) approaches the finish.

Sydney Durham, Staff Reporter

Blood, sweat, tears and stomach cramps are all part of the intensity for Cross Country. They’re working hard to beat their goals and head to nationals, both individually and as a team. Parts of these intense workouts include base runs, running 1000 meters five times and running lots of hills.

Audra Turner (12) said she will be happy as long as “the team excels and she knows they can be successful.” Audra also said she “learns a lot at running camp and it makes me stronger and faster.”

Along with working hard, the team have bonding experiences, like when “we went to Texas last year and then went to the beach,” Carolyn Bethel (11) said.  Runners also had a lot of team bonding time at running camp sitting around bonfires and watching movies after a long day of running.

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